Samsung Focus 2 Manual - Download SGH-I667 User Guide PDF

Samsung Focus 2 Manual - Download SGH-I667 User Guide PDF

Samsung Focus 2 Manual - Download SGH-I667 User Guide  - The Samsung Focus 2 manual or user guide currently on the market for transfer in PDF format. The file size is 3.02 MB and has 166 pages. The Samsung Focus 2 manual support in english (America North) and Spanish. The Samsung SGH-I667 user guide provided several reference data and directions conjointly tutorial particularly regarding a way to using step by step this movable properly and safely. Some necessary data within the Samsung Focus 2 user manual like setting up phone, lockup and unlocking the phone, putting in place voice mail, phone updates on page ten, troubleshooting and the way to data formatting a Windows Phone 7. Then find out about phone basics operations, phone half summary, show layout, speech engine on page 27, keys, victimization the QWERTY computer keyboard, keyboard settings on page 33, AT&T address book activation, tutorial importation SIM contacts, victimization camera and exposure studio on page 59 and 64, AT&T U verse mobile, electronic messaging settings on page seventy three, and using email on page seventy four. alternative necessary data regarding phone settings guide, Wi-fi, using net someone, blueooth, computer connections, using GPS applications, AT&T code scanner, FamillyMap, navigator, camera, games, maps, music and videos, victimization workplace, phone studio, safety, assurance and more. As data for you, special regarding the Samsung Focus 2 I667 specifications and price. whereas for table of content for the Samsung Focus 2 owner manual as follows:

Table of content for the Samsung Focus 2 SGH-I667 Manual / User guide:

  • Getting started
  • Understanding your phone
  • Entering Text
  • Call functions
  • Your People hub
  • Multimedia
  • Messaging
  • Changing Your settings
  • Connections
  • Applications
  • Health and safety information
  • Warranty Information
  • Samsung Product registration
  • Index
Get and download the samsung Focus 2 Manual / user guide here (English) and here (Spanish)

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