Nokia 808 Pureview Manual - Download 808 PureView User Guide PDF

Nokia 808 Pureview Manual - Download 808 PureView User Guide PDF

Nokia 808 Pureview Manual - Download 808 PureView User Guide  - The latest news concerning the Nokia 808 PureView manual or user guide. The Nokia 808 PureView manual currently available for download directly at official webiste. The user guide comes in PDF format with file size is 3.90 MB consisting of 137 pages and support in English. Some vital info within the Nokia 808 PureView user manual for instance concerning learn phone half summary or keys and elements, tutorial insert the SIM card and memory card, lock or unlock the keys and screen, Nokia account, about NFC, restore original settings on page 30, exploitation the camera on page thirty like amendment the shooting mode, take photos and record videdos, a way to amendment theme, Nokia Store, Organise apps, create a decision. Then concerning backup contacts Nokia services, exploitation social networks, exploitation browser for access the net, exploitation music player, FM radio play a game, watch internet TV, exploitation maps apps. different info like quickoffice for produce and edut document, browse PDF document, exploitation nothing files, connecting orient page 107 like exploitation wi-fi and bluetooth, VPN connections, phone settings guide or phone management like unlock phone memory, shield phone guide, manage files, and more. As extra info, during this web log to understand concerning the Nokia 808 PureView specifications and value. whereas a lot of detail concerning the table of content for the Nokia 808 PureView owner manual as follows:

Table of Content for the Nokia 808 PureView manual / user guide:

  • Safety
  • Get started
  • Basic use
  • Camera and photos
  • Personalisation and Nokia Store
  • Telephone
  • Contacts
  • Social networks
  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Internet
  • Entertainment
  • Maps
  • Clock and calendar
  • Office
  • Connectivity
  • Phone management
  • Find more help
  • Access codes
  • Protect the environment
  • Product and safety information
  • Index
Get and download the Nokia 808 PureView manual aka user guide pdf here.

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